Showing ads related to your search

We have always believed it’s important for everyone to have free access to the best information. Ads enable Google to provide a free Search engine — one that works just as well for anyone, regardless of education or income.

We work hard to display ads only when they are relevant to the task you are trying to achieve on Google. We only charge advertisers when users interact with the ad, so our interest is in showing only useful ads. In fact, we frequently run no ads at all.

A Search bar with the query "best camp chair"
See how ads appear in Google Search
See how ads appear in Google Search
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We only sell ads, not search results

When you use Google Search, ads may appear with your search results. We think it’s important to be transparent about these, which is why ads are clearly labeled, so they are easy to distinguish from the rest of the page.

Advertisers, partners or anyone with a financial relationship with Google gains no special advantages or treatment in Search results. They are not given ranking boosts. If they have issues, they must use the same free tools and resources that we provide to everyone.

A Google Search text ad
All our advertising and sponsored content is clearly labeled (e.g. "Ad"; "Sponsored") so that they are easily distinguishable from Search results.